Himet Hanafi ,YOU ARE A FUCKING Pakistani

I hate your behavior very much. When I first entered your house, you said:”No, keep your umbrella inside,you can’t put it outside my door,BECAUSE HERE IS CHINA

You said that when you saw people stealing money in Urumqi, the people around you were indifferent. It was you and your friends who rushed up and kicked the thief’s ass. I support your actions very much, but your expression clearly despises the Chinese people.“——They just like nothing happened”When you say this, your expression exceeds the bottom line that my psychology can bear. I admit that my country is full of problems, but this is our malady. I don’t have to avoid it. I love my country so much.

You don’t understand the connotation of Chinese culture, Chinese history, and China’s construction, including the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization, take time. You just make a definition based on what you have seen and heard in China for a few years.

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Let me tell you that our nation is a great nation. It has a long and glorious history, a noble and elegant temperament, a profound culture and connotation, and a spirit of striving for progress and never yielding. It used to be, it is now, and it will be the same in the future.

Himet Hanafi ,YOU ARE A FUCKING Pakistani